Thursday, 8 April 2010

4 Vegetable Dish!

You know how most eateries have their homemade special "whatever" dish.. Well... Aa's got one for our flat too. Its called the special 4 vegetable dish. Its so special because we don't even know what the 4 vegetables are. I am guessing its mushroom, tofu, cabbage and garlic?

Anyway its one of those dishes where u throw together what you have in the fridge and hope it turns out right. After tasting it, I must say it tasted better than right. It was ALL RIGHT!!!.

Along with the vegetables, Aa made a superior dried scallop oyster sauce to drizzle over the vegetables.

I'll give 2 thumbs up for this dish. One for its tastiness and the other for the healthy "4 vegetable" factor. LOL

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