Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lunch @ China BlUe!: 2nd Serving

My second serving post in a week does suggest that there ain't many places in Glasgow for Chinese food, which is kinda true. So all those take away uncles and aunties please do consider setting up more restaurants like this cos we hungry and desperate asian students will definately patronise them.

Met up with V and HnnH for lunch after my nights. haha Pretty tired but the food will keep me going. V decided to go for fried carrot cake after a long consideration. I quite like it. It pretty much was a char kway teow but substituted with carrot cake. PLus points for the prawns !!~ Definately a better sharing dish than a main.

HnnH had Ban Mien. After sampling this dish 2 times, I think we have come to the conclusion that it ain't as good as Qiu Lian ban mien back home. Don't worry, still can order.

I had Fish Head Vermicillin, it was so good but msg loaded. THe amount of salted cabbage used was appropriate and I believe I tasted some sour plum as well. THe fish was amazing as well. Deep fried and then immersed in the broth to mask the oily texture hahaha. I wonder if all that collagen will be good for my skin hahahaha.

Sadly, I din't leave the best for last. The dry version of yong tau hu in a bean sauce can't match the broth version. Must be the sauce. Tasted abit sourish. Something savoury would have probably been better.

China Blue
96 Renfield Street
Glasgow G2 1NH
0141 333 1881
Opening Times: Noon only.

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