Thursday, 15 April 2010

You Ji !! Oily Chicken

Yumz yumz. I like soy sauce chicken especially when paired with wanton noodles. I have no idea why its called you ji (oily chicken) when technically it should be soy sauce chicken.

Never tried making one till the other day cos I managed to procure a nice half priced chicken from Waitrose... and also because I was lazy and that's what makes this dish a great dish. Simple and easy to make.

Nice whole chicken 1kg should be fine
2 Star Anise
1 stick Clove (2 inch)
2 1/2 Cup of water (approx 800mls water)
40mls dark soy sauce
30mls Light soy sauce
200g Rock sugar
2 Tbs Shaoxing Wine
2 Inch Ginger Sliced
8 Cloves Garlic.

Bring all the ingredients except the chicken to a boil in a pan. Once boiling, add in the chicken. Bring to boil for 15mins and simmer over low heat for another 30 mins.
Alot of "agaration" went into this dish. So adjust the various ingredients to suit your taste.
FOr more of the dark brown colour just soak the chicken longer in the broth.

For the added oomph, make urself a nice ginger, garlic mix. Simply heat 2 tbs of sesame seed oil and 2 table spoon of cooking oil. Throw in some mince garlic ginger (in equal proportion) and some spring onions.

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