Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Char UDON..

Udon's my current favourite noodle dish. This is a spin off of char kway teow using udon instead. The bold starchiness of the udon helped to tone down the saltiness and sweetness of the thick black soy sauce.

2 packets of udon 0.40p
3 piece of chicken thigh 0.80p
Pak choi 1.00p
Thick black soy sauce
Dash of rice wine
Dash of soy sauce
Chicken marinate

Slice up the chicken thigh. Marinate it for 30 min in some light soy sauce, sesame seed oil and oyster sauce for at least 30 mins. Bring your wok to temperature wtih a generous amount of cooking oil. Using lotsa oil seems to give the udon extra kick and helps prevent sticking (probably true but if u are leaning on the health conscious side use a non stick pan).
Fry the garlic and then the chicken. add in the vegetables and finally the udon.

Drizzle the key ingredient which is the thick black soy sauce. As much as u like, some rice wine and some soy sauce.

Serve with fresh parsley and some chilli

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