Sunday, 24 May 2009


I first discovered this dish in a Garfield book. Didnt know what it was then. I knew it contained cheese and because it was placed in a cat dish i thought it was just some special cat food. Fortuantely, pizza hut came along haha and the concept of eating pasta in layers intermittently smeered with a tomato and cream bolognaise sauce became more comprehendable.

C is our resident lagsane cook. I have never cooked a lagsane because I find it too much of a hassle for me . The truth is I am too lazy to layered it when i can just cooked pasta and pour sauce over it. This time around, C used lamb and mutton as the meat which was a nice change away from the usual beef and pork based sauces. I was too full from eating a mcchicken burger and double cheese burger that I managed only 2 servings of it.

Here's another shot showing the multilayering of the lagsane. Bon appetite!!.

IMG_9849, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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