Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One Final Dinner Tog8ther

5 Years of friendship through ups and downs. Soon, we will be going seperate ways. Dumfries, Edinburgh, Singapore and Glasgow. I wonder when we will be able to have a nice meal together again or even go on a road trip. The idea for this meal conceptualised about 2 months ago when I intended to cook everyone's favourite dish or what I think is everyone's favourite dish.

M has a strong craving for fish likely due to her Teochew roots and grandmother's pampering of steamed cod fish whenever she's back home. This dish is familliar to me and I have done it 4 times so far. Thoroughly enjoy cooking this dish so I bought a bigger fish this time round as there were 8 of us eating.

San bei ji was a request by C because she likes it and also because I haven't thought of a chicken dish for the menu. This dish dosen't need to be eaten piping hot so its a good dish to cook first and leave it in the oven to keep warm.

3 Roast was meant to be WY's favourite dish but apparently it wasn't. Well, you can't blame me when my dear friend eats out so often and so widely that its hard to pinpoint what's his favourite dish . What I do know is, he likes chinese food so ... haha I made him a favourite cuisine. haha

Sweet and Sour is YR's favourite dish. This I got it spot on cos she mentions it all the time. There is a child in YR who seems to like sweet stuff.. yes I do like SSP but I have grown out of it in favour of more savoury food. I cheated though hahah and used Lee Kum Kee's SSP sauce. I knew their mix was nice and I wouldnt have been able to do a better one. WEll the toughest part is shallow frying the pork which took like 15mins. hahaha . I am not a keen fan of shallow or deep frying but for friends and because its once in a while its fine. Actually, I quite like this dish too hahaha.

Well, I am a strong advocate of vegetables as part of meals haha. Keeps me less guilty after eating all the fried and unhealthy food but also because veggies are a good source of fibres which help improve bowel movemements and are full of vitamins!!.. YUm yum.

This was meant to be Ken's fav dish but apparently not so haha. He mentioned he enjoyed this dish when he was at my place previously and raves about how he will order SSP and tie ban toufu when he goes back to singapore. haha At least he enjoyed the SSP hahah so it wasn't so bad haha. I modified this dish because I dont have a tie ban here. I ll put up more instructions on how to do this in another post.

PY's favourite dish is Fish curry. I used Brahim's sauce mix for this. I particularly enjoyed cooking and eating this dish. This has to be my favourite dish as well because it was so easy to cook. Just stir fry some onions pour in the sauce, add in the fish okra aka lady's finger and brinjal. So simple. The difficult part? Sourcing a good fish . Remember the HEG that I had the other day? Well Here's the meat haha.

Finally, Aa made this dish. Thank you so much it was really yummy and dammm SPICY AH!!

Few miss and hits but everyone enjoyed the meal which is always nice. Thank you so much for the company, the encouragement and for being who you are. For that, you have brought meaning to my time in Glasgow. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best on the road ahead.

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