Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tony Macaroni with the Flatmates

Aa and C bought dinner at the newly opened Tony Macaroni Italian Restaurant at the bottom of byres road. After much contemplation through burgers, curries and "guai Loh" chinese takeaway food, we finally got invited into this restaurant. As part of its promotion campaign, the owners have parked a white Ferrari with the words Tony Macaroni painted over it.

So we settled for the 3 course menu. I had the deep fried mushrooms which were big juicy and not soggy at all. The salad had the right amount of tartness to it and the garlic mayo wasnt too overwhelming.

Aa had the proscuitto with melon. I won't normally order this but Aa gave me some to try anyway. The quality is good and works well with the melon which was just on the verge of being over ripened.

Bruschetta with marinated tomatos... Hmm... For some this would be a really turn off combination haha. I love this. The tomatos were so well marinated in a olive basil drizzle. They were crunchy and juicy which contrasted well with the thick cut bruchetta.

There was a heap of seafood in the linguine that C had ordered. The pasta was well cooked and the sauce actually reminded me of a chilli crab suace.

The only thing I remembered about this dish was that the pasta was of a good quality. haha well.. avoid it unless u just want some pasta and sausages

I had the rib eye which looks much bigger than what the picture potrays. Quite an unusual choice but we do have this policy of ordering as many different dishes as possible so we can try as much of the menu as possible. I ordered it medium rare but came medium. The sauce was really rich and beefy but slightly too salty. Everything about the dish was good except for the fries which I wished were of a thiner cut.

Desserts were really forgettable. The tiramisu was too soggy as if it had been in the fridge for a couple of days. The aroma of the coffee wasn't strong at all and the cream definately din't have any hint of a flavouring. Luckily the ice cream was good. In the background is a sticky toffee pudding which Aa ordered. Texture wise it was too rubbery. Felt more like a muffin cake rather than a pudding. Taste wise it was ordinary.

C had the lemon sorbet which was good. The portion was small and I am not sure if biscuits are a good accompaniment to a sorbet type dessert. I would probably expect some fruits instead.

Overall, I would say the price of 13 pounds was just worthwhile for the quantity and the quality of the food. The atmosphere was pleasant but I wouldnt be so sure had it been more crowded.

4-10 Byres Road
G11 5
(0141) 334 5959

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