Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lobster Pasta

Hmmm.... Lobster??!!!!...... Yup..... How can a student afford lobster?? Well... The poor student can't but the working doctor sure can. Its not expensive actually. Aa got each lobster from Lidl for only 5 pounds. The downside is it was frozen rock solid. That means you can probably expect a drop in meat texture and taste quality. For 5 pounds aiyah what can you expect haha. The intention was to make chinese lobster noodle but since Aa is better trained in western cooking, he's decided to make a lobster pasta.

So basically, what he did was defrost the lobster. Cut off the claws and split the body into halves. Give the claws a good whack. Melt some butter and basically just toss the lobster in it till its warmed throughout.

Here's the head going in . In the mean time, he's got some thin linguine boiling.

There we go, lobster pasta. It taste quite nice haha YOu definately can't beat a freshly cooked lobster pasta but the experience of eating lobster is good enough for now.

Its nice when Aa cook cos that way I can take more pictures and show you more of the prepatroy steps. Something which I can't do when I am cooking alone.
IMG_9427, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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