Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cafezique - Breakfast with the Girls

Got a treat from the girls today. I was intending to go to Macs to satisfy my unhealthy food craving but Mich decided to check out this cafe in Partick. I used to stay there and have always been familliar with Delizique. Since its renovation sometime last year, they have expanded to include a cafe as well. I had high expectations for this place because Aa has been talking about since my 2nd year.

Had a hot chocolate to start off.. Alas.. I was dissapointed.. not chocolatey enough.. it felt really thin. At least I could taste the chocolate but that was about it.

For brunch, I had the big fry up. A typical scottish breakfirst consisting of tomato, baked beans sausages, potato scones, bacon mushrooms and black pudding which i substituted with a poach egg. On top of that another 2 scrambled eggs to go with it. It was ordinary but satisfying.

PY has crab linguine. I wished I ordered this instead. It was fantastic. U could taste the crab sauce with each mouthfull of linguine. In someway, I feel challenged to make this dish haha. Dosen't look too difficult does it? Its all a matter of procuring some good crab meat. ;)

66 Hyndland Street
Glasgow G11 5PT
Tel: 0141 339 7180

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