Saturday, 23 May 2009

S's C-elaboration Cake

I've never scrutinised the word celebration but I wonder if the word elaboration has anything to do with it. As you can see this cake is more elaborated compared to the previous cakes that I have made. Double layer, 2 more other fruits and a shiny sugar heart on top. S showed me a mario cake a long time back and asked if I could make it but that cake was made using royal icing in order to achieve the shape and colour of mario. haha Unfortunately, I lack expertise in the use of royal icing and I am not a keen fan of the stick paste. So I told her I'll make something else instead.

My research took me through tonnes of webpages to see if it was possible to make a wedding cheesecake. Apparently, they do have it hmm. but obviously they are made by professional bakers so I'll have to modify abit. Throw in a little bit of creativity and vola! My first ever double tier wedding cheesecake.

Congratulations on your engagement to Ad, it truely is a great representatino of a love that is graceful, persevering and trusting.

S, I hope you like this cheesecake.

S's C-elaboration Cake, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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