Monday, 18 May 2009

Fish Soup

Went to the fish monger today and was introduced to this fish called Heg... I tried googling up on the internet but couldn't find anything quite near it. Must be a local slang for it or I must have heard wrongly. Anyway, the monger gave me the carcass and jsut when I was at a lost of what to do for dinner tonight, a brilliant idea sprung on me to cook some fish soup. hmm..

Superior Fish soy sauce
1 spoon of chicken stock powder
pinch of MSG
spring onion

Basically, marinate the fish in the soy sauce for about half an hour with the ginger. Bring some water to boil, throw in the powder and the MSG. When the water is finally boiling, throw in the fish and tomato and boil for a couple of minutes. Serve immediately with some fried shallots.
Makes quite a hearty soup and certainly has been added on to my list of soup remedies for the sick soul.

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