Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Carluccio - Dinner with Kel

Dinner was meant to be a light affair after the huge lunch that we had. After much wondering around, we stumbled into Carluccio at Spinningfields. Pretty nice quiet location and there wasn't much of a crowd either. ( A bad sign? or A good one ?)

We started off with some foccaia bread and calamari. The bread was over salted and wasn't as piping crispy hot as I had previously. Calamari was nice but I can't comment more about it.

I had Spaghetti vongole. Seafood pasta has to be my favourite of all pastas. Its almost impossible to beat the seafood sauce that comes from the juice of all that crustacean which was used in cooking. Well... to be honest,.. i was slightly dissapointed by the execution of this dish... The sphagghetti was overcooked ( too fat liao la ) hahaha...the Clams however were pretty sweet. Overall.. ok lor... Kel had the lagsana. shuld have tried la but I was too full to even attempt a taster..

What really entice me was the 1 pound coffee that you get after the meal however, we've got something planned after dinner lol.... stay tuned..

PS: food wasn't astounding but the banter was . and i din use the right lens and my colour balance lagi off... hahaha

1, 3 Hardman Square,
Tel: 0161 839 0623

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