Sunday, 3 May 2009

Curry Chicken - A1 Instant Chicken Curry Sauce

Well well... back to home cooked food again. Its curry chicken tonight.. I love cooking curry chicken cos its easy to make and its so yummy (haha subjective ah.. ) and its able to pair with so many types of starch such as rice, noodles, naan bread and roti prata/chanai. Chicken was on offer 2 pounds for 10 pieces of drumsticks . Wu hua bo? (worth it or not?)

Anyway... I almost resorted to using Patak's sauces today because I thought I had ran out of sauces but was pleasantly suprised to find my stash of good old sauces still kept in my cupboard. That's good hehe means more dishes to try out in the coming weeks.

A1 is a brand that I have tried before but it was curry powder and you have to mix it with water to get the paste. Therefore, this time round I was delighted to find a paste in the packet rather than the DIY powder mix.

I made coconut rice as well (Nasi lemak) but it wasn't as lemak as I hope for it to be but still Aa enjoyed it. This has to be one of the better curries that I have made and its attributed mainly to the sauce.

1 packet A1 instant chicken curry sauce
1 packet of chicken approx 1 kg
Tumeric powder
2 onions
4 medium potatos
1 tomato
handful of curry leaves

heat up some oil. In the meantime, rub some tumeric powder all over the chicken. be careful here,you don't want any tumeric on your clothes. Chop the onions and throw it into the pan. Pan fry till the aroma comes out. Drop the chicken in next. Pan fry a little till you get a nicely browned (not chou tar aka burnt) skin. Pour in the mix. Add in the adviced quantity of water and coconut milk on the back of the packing. Throw in the curry leaves potato Simmer for about 45 mins. Lastly throw in the tomatos.

For the nasi lemak, use a proportion of 3/4 coconut milk and 1/4 water to cook the rice. pince of salt and sugar plus some mince ginger. Remember to stir the rice before putting it into the cooker.

*use coconut powder if you don't have coconut milk. worst case scenario, use full fat milk.

Complimentary shot!
Curry Chicken, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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