Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Duck Tales!

I can only make this because I am relatively free at the moment. Honestly this dish is too time consuming but I had to do it at least once to add to my photog collection. haha I suggest you pay for some good roast duck unless u want to impress your future mother-in-law. Then again, there are more effortless ways of doing it.

To make some roast duck, you need to purchase a duck. I got mine from Sainsbury at half price for 7 quid. Next, you need to bring some maltose enriched water to a boil and scald the skin of the duck. Rub the entire cavity of the duck with some five spice powder. and leave to hang over night. After that paint the duck with some Lee Kum Kee peking duck sauce, sour plum sauce or hoisin sauce according to your own preference

Roast the duck at 160 degrees for approximately 1 and a half hours. in the last 15 mins bring temp up to 200 to char the skin a little.

Rest for 15mins before chopping up the duck. Add in your favourite side dishes like tau kwa, tau pok, peanuts and eggs.


Ha! CHA!!!

Served up and ready to eat

with some yam rice.!!


Anonymous said...

This is impressive and VERY yummy-looking!! :D

~(_"_) said...

Thank you anonymous


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