Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pok GeH! Chicken RICEEEE

Chicken Rice is my all time favourite dish. We had some chicken rice from Tampines yesterday. It was good but not fantastic. Given that there are so many chicken rice stores nowadays and everyone being able to produce a certain quality enough to stun a tourist, these chefs really need to push up their game in order to strike the right sensory receptors in the Singaporean tastebuds.

Ieat is doing a poll on favourite chicken rice stores in Singapore at the moment. haha you can probably guess which store i picked if you know my circle of friends well enough. I do wonder if there is a chicken rice connoisseur in Singapore.

Teochew people like to eat fish. Dad wanted some fish soup from the store next door. Pity the meat was so little.

The Big picture is a website part of a subsidiary website of the New York Times, which covers news related to sports, arts weather etc etc. What I like about this website are the stunning pictures that are gathered in relation to a particular topic from various new agencies, independent photographers and magazines. These rich pictures tell an amzing story in itself with captions below that elaborates more on what the photographer is trying to capture.

One of the recent post is on KENYA. Its an amazing country which I went to 4 years back to do an elective. Seeing these pictures bring back lots of memorable thoughts about the place. Sure makes me want to go back again .

Enjoy the pictures.

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