Thursday, 11 March 2010

HOmecook Dinner on Wed

Had an early dinner today as I was going to meet M and gang at ION!. SOmehow the evening light played pranks on my camera's white balance however I was pleasantly suprised by the warm tones of the white balance. I still havent figured out what caused the pictures to turn out the way it is.

Anyway... This is a plate of fish cake.

Rabbit fish or Bai Du Yu or white belly fish. Apparently the family has been eating this fish like most days since CHinew new year eve. Everyone is probably bored of the taste except me. Normally the dish is braised in its own juices but today it was pan fried and then simmered in some savoury gravy.

Bean Sprouts with salted fish. One of the cheapest dishes you can make on your own but extremely overpriced in most restaurants.

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