Monday, 8 March 2010

Economical Bee Hoon! not your business class fare.

Economical Bee Hoon is a common sight in many coffee shops and standalone shops that are sprouting out under MRT stations nowadays. I can't help thinking about the beehoon and gooey egg along with the luncheon meat as I went to bed the night before, despite having had some MPT.

I decided to try a different store this time around because the other store's lady overcharges me everytime. LOL.. I am kidding, its probably because I was greedy and ordered too much and hence the hefty price.

Well... this packet of beehoon mixed with guotiao plus 2 eggs, cabbage and 1 half slice of luncheon meat cost me 2.90. What do you think? Cheap or expensive?

Wasn't the most superb packet that I have eaten but it was sufficient to satisfy my early morning hunger pangs.

Coffee Shop below McDs
623 Elias Road, Pasir Ris
Singapore 510623

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