Monday, 15 March 2010

Orchid Live Seafood, Jalan Kelulut

I had the privilege of savouring lobster porridge at this really ULU (Undeveloped) place in Yio Chu kang called Orchid live Seafood thanks to my aunt and uncle. I know little about this place except for the fact that it sells a decent lobster porridge that has been attracting lots of people.

The huge pot of porridge came in a earthen pot with all the tiny wee 4inch sized lobsters that were picked out by the waitress and served up indivudally. I had about 3 bowls of porridge and about 4 lobster halfs? maybe 5. No one wanted to eat them so i cant possibly let them go to waste. Taste wise the porridge broth was infused with lobster flavour...Duh.... not overpoweringly seafoodish in flavour but light and flavoursome like a porridge should be in my humble opinion. The meat of the lobster was springy not rubbery but as expected quite bland for a lobster. WOrth a try but not something that would wow you to come back and eat and eat and eat again, unless you got lotsa $$$.

This dish is called Steven chicken. I found it out from reading other blogs. It reminded me of marmite chicken. Each drumlet and wing was partially disected off the bone marinated in a sweet slightly tangy mandarin like sauce and topped with sesame seeds. The cousins love them.

Smoked duck. Hmm more of an adult dish i guess but my wee ( little) cousin seemed to like it. The meat wasnt too gamey and was of a moderate level of smokiness. I had really intensely smoked ones in Scotland but this was definately milder and the pepper coating was sufficient to tickle the tastebuds and not leave u with a bruised tongue. I think the chinese element in this dish was the sweet hoi sin sauce..

Stir fried clams with blachan. Wah damm spicy man. My tolerance has obviously dropped haha. THe clams were huge though.

I din't really like this dish. Felt it was abit doughy in texture.

Xiao bai chai. Yummy.

Orchid Live Seafood
16 Jalan Kelulut
OPen: 11am - 11pm
Tel: +65 9636 1909

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