Monday, 29 March 2010

My Steamboat is MIssing !!!

I prepared all the ingredients in Good faith that I'll be able to find my steamboat later on. Guess what?.. Murphy's Law strikes again. I can't believe it. Spent like an hour searching for it. We came to the conclusion that someone must have borrowed it and the prime suspect at the moment is WY.

Fortunately my trusty rice cooker was on hand to be the substitute. This little pot here has served me for 6 good years and I think come this summer, it will be forced into retirement by my mum.

So Aa, C and I had steamboat / Ricecooker hotpot. I cut some chicken marinated in 3 different sauces and made some marinated mince pork as well. Throw in some veg and bean curd to up the healthy quotient. And the Carb of the day is udon!!.

Somehow i felt the dish tasted like ban mien in the end lol.

If you do have my steamboat machine, please contact me :)

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