Saturday, 20 March 2010

Brauhaus, United Square

First impression as you walk down to the basement amphitheatre styled beer garden was WOW... how did this place even exist. Its got the I made a discovery factor. Met up with J and Mr W after raffles city for more food, abit of boozze and some more catch up.

The selection of beer here is huge but looking at the prices were painful for my eyes because I will be back in beer drinking land in last than 48 hours and seriously, anything with alcohol is going to be cheap in Euro.. hahaha at least 95% of it la lol.

I had dinner already so I took nibbles out of everything. Roast pork knucles are synonymous with German booze. The skin was slightly burnt and dry the meat was also dry but everything was sovled after soaking it in the gravy. NOt bad la.

Fried beehoon? This is what differentiates a German German beer place from a Singaporean Beer place. haha you get local food. The beehoon was good. but i think my mum can whipped up a better one. haha.. A bit of biasness there I am sure you will all defend your mum's beehoon to a certain extent.

I was super knackered by the end... but the company was great.

United Square
Thomson Road S(307591),
B1-13/14, 101
Tel: 6250 3116
Mon to Thu: 11am - 2am
Fri to Sat: 11am - 3am
Sun: 5pm - 1am

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