Monday, 22 March 2010

Prawn Noodles!!!

Been wanting to cook prawn noodle since I learnt from DrB way back in January that you can actually get a paste to make it. So when I got back on Sat, I thought I shall be nice to my flatmates and make them something since they have been cooking for me during my exams.

To make prawn noodles you need a good stock, good prawns and other accompaniments like boiled pork, some fish cake, veggies and some freshly prepared prawn stock. The place to get them is to go to a chinese supermarket.

1 Packet Tean's Prawn paste 2.20pd
6 Big White king Prawn 5.00pd (super expensive Grr!! but damm nice man)
10 Small EC3 Fresh Prawn 2.30pd
Pork Belly 300g 1.00pd
Way On Fish cake 2 roll 1.95pd (super expensive la!!)
Thai Morning Glory 500g 2.95pd
Bean sprout 350g 0.50pd
Yellow Noodle 800g 2.30pd
fresh shallot 0.17pd

- Boil your pork and blanch the fish cake. Slice them up thinly.
- Fry up some shallots. Don't burnt them.
- Prawn Stock. Peel off prawn shells and fry them in oil till the red umami goodness oozes out. Add in about 1.5L of water as per the instructions on the packet. After that, add in the paste.
- Bring another pot of water to boil
- seperate your noodles, kangkong ( morning glory) and bean sprouts into 3 big bowls. Blanch each bowl of ingredients seperately. about 1-2mins
- Cook your prawns in the stock and serve into each bowl with sliced pork, fish cake, kangkong, bean sprouts and a good drizzle of shallot oil and dallop of fried shallot.

We had 3 big bowls with full of ingredients. Each bowl cost about 6 pounds. Asia style sells a bowl like this for 6.50 pounds i think but u definately get lesser ingredients but on the up side you don have to labour yourself in the kitchen.. Also there were left over ingredients to make 2 more medium bowls of of prawnless prawn noodle the next day for lunch. The big prawns definately taste much bettter and we each managed to eat 2 plus about 3-4 other small prawns. In summary, definately worth the effort and is on the cost effective side.

Try it ya'all!.

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