Monday, 8 March 2010

Monday Dinner at Home

This is the reason why I don't seem to go ga ga over BBQ sting ray in outside food centres. The freshness of stingray straight from the beach is unbeatable and the meat is impeccably sweet. Also, mum tends to cook it in a nice savoury soy sauce broth with ginger. It almost taste like sea chicken but with the nice smooth texture of stingray. Erm... Do the BBCs know what stingray is?

Soup is on 99% of the time but I am a poor soup drinker lol. I prefer paddling my rice.
Today we had Lotus and pork soup.

Finally, more veggies.

The hands that you see are my Ah kong's. Those are the very hands that have been bringing back fresh fish and crustaceans from the sea. I'll do another post on that some other day.

Time to sleep...... 530am.. Singapore Time. UK.. 930pm.. -_-"

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