Monday, 8 March 2010

Simpang Yong Tau Hu

Lunchtime was a toss up between teochew porridge and yong tow hu. YTH won the fight. Works fine for me since both were a win-win situation. If I had a choice choosing between aircon or non-aircon, I think the decision would have been more obvious. Thank Goodnes, my beloved Teh Peng was there to save me from the sweltering heat. Its brown patches of grass over most places btw..,

Moving on. Yong Tow Hu for 4 people. I had noodle so did sis. Mum and Dad had rice. There were over 20 variety of yong tau hu. We randomly choosed some and ask the owner to add in a bit more here and there. DOn't forget the veges. YUMYUMYUM.

There was a uniqueness about the YTH in that most of them were handmade. Overall the impression was a good one. Too many to comment on lol but my favourite were the Tofu with fish paste, ngor hiang and fish ball. Ieat as a more indept review.

This was the unusual dish. Which other YTH stall sells pork knuckle??... It was ok la but tasted slightly better for me since my tastebuds were hyperactive anyway. The skin was not as crispy as keropok and the meat was a little dry. Somehow I wished there was some sauekraut instead of the sweet chilli sauce to go wtih the pork lOL..

Simpang Yong Tau Foo
Bedok Market Place
348 Bedok Road
Tel: 64449986

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