Saturday, 20 March 2010

Steamboat at Lu LU

Dinner was at Raffles city again with the thombonistssss... They are like my mother hens despite me being a duck sounding instrument player lol. OK .. Lu Lu is a shanghai restaurant in the basement of Raffles city shopping centre. We came here for the steamboat.

Boon and I shareda seafood steamboat. Big mistake lol..should have ordered the meat steamboat. OH and for those who don know how to cook!!.. please do not dump everything like my senior did into the pot. The soup will take forever to cook la!!.. oh well.. she's an accountant not a physicist and definately... not a cooking person.

So how do i rate it?... selection of seafood.. basic. Soup... ok .. worth trying ? ... nope lol.

The main dishes were nicer. This was a spicy chicken sprinkled with deep fried garlic bits shallots and toasted sesame seeds. Nice man.

Spinach with stock and 3 eggs. Yummy too

Ah... interesting drink that caught my eye. Suan mei (sour plum) with soda water. I took a sip and thought it tasted really like bland soda water. Actually, it tasted better after mashing up the suan mei and letting it infuse the soda. Tasted quite nice and helped refreshed my palate.

Lu Lu
Raffles City Shopping Centre
North Bridge Road S(179103
#B1-44B, 252
Tel: 6338 7441
Mon to Sun: 11am - 9:30pm

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