Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Dian Xiao Er ( Store waiter)

Dian Xiao Er is famed for its roasted herb Duck and xiao cai (dishes). This would be my 3rd time since its opening in 2007. We went for the set for 3 person which was priced at 58 and added one more rice and soup for my mum.

The set came with Duck with angelica herbs. In my head i was thinking "simi si angelica herbs ?? .. " I have left a link there so feel free to read it. haha sounds like some miracle herb. The duck definately tasted good and herby. The skin was crispy despite being doused with the herbal sauce. The breast was alittle dry but the rest of the other parts were fine.

Dong Po Rou!.. Abit salty and little dry. The fatty layer helped to back it up .

Sliced snakehead fish with soy sauce. It felt like eating a sauce and appreciating the texture of the fish rather than savouring the fishy flavour of the meat. ... Ok too much jargon there... Not very nice la ah ... ok only.

Ah I love this. Green veggies with garlic sauce.

The other 2 dishes in this 6 meal set of 58 included rice and and a watercress with pork rib soup. Both were good. The bad part?..... the bill came up to 89 dollars after adding in $2 for peanuts, $.60 for towels and $2 per cup of drink plus ur usual 10% service and 7% GST?

Hidden cost can be a nightmare, don't ya agree?

Dian Xiao Er
Tampines One
Tel: (65)6783 6068


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