Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Home cook on MOnday ..

This is the last dinner that mum cooked before she flew off Today. I made an impromptu trip back to Singapore this time round after my exam and my mum had no idea that I was going to be back so she had booked a trip to China Swatow with my uncles and aunts and grandpa.

So this will be my last chance to savour some of her cooking and take some nice pictures before I am back some time in May.

The dish above is a seafood guotie made of really good solid squid and prawns. THe freshness of the seafood made the difference in this dish as each little morsel carried a nice sotong flavour. It may not be as nice as the meat guotie but it definately wasn't bad.

Bah Kut Teh soup. Interestingly with some fish cake!!

Pan fried twin fish. Some good quality fish again which i dont know his name.

Sauteed flower crab with diao guew.

On a Side note.. I passed my exams.!! Hooray !!

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