Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Breakfast This morning

Char kway or fried carrot cake is another of my favourite breakfast dishes. Good for one or to share with some folks. My ideal carrot cake should have "kueh"pieces apprxoimately 1 by 1.5 by 2cm. pan frieded to give a good browning, well seasoned with salt and chai po (preserved radish), nice oily eggs with crispy edges and some spring onions. A few prawns will definately bring up the ante but I hardly see these nowadays.

What I had today had a good carrot cake taste but was a wee bit salty. THe eggs however failed to impress and overall I felt it was really oily.

For 2 dollars, aiya nevermind la. lol

1 packet of carrot wasnt going to fill me satisfactory so i bought a plain waffle pancake from the bakery nearby. yum yum I like it plain so that i can taste more of the orignal taste. This one was good but cant be compared to ten twenty years ago. Oh and it was cheap too . ONLY 1 Sing Dollar!!!.

Coffee Shop below McDs
623 Elias Road, Pasir Ris
Singapore 510623

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