Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dine at East Coast Parkway Hawker Centre

This has to be the best hawker centre sat next to the beach. Actually, if you think about it, there's no competition hahaha. THe res of the other beaches in Singapore don't even have something similar.

Besides the food, there's a wholelot of other activites that you can get down to doing here like water sports, bowling, tennis, the famous road safety theme park which some of you might have done in primary school, Big splash which has unfortunately lost its charm and ... .. and... the BEACH of course!!!.

On to the food.. I met up with Mr W, my band conductor for some good ol' catch up. Its the second time we have met up here because he loves the relatively cheap booze that you can get. I on the other hand came for the food.

BBQ stingray. Nice sauce and thankfully the ray was fresh. We paid 12 bucks for it. Ok la.. in addition, we had clams and sole fish . Both of which overly priced and not that great in taste. The only saving grace was the sambal chilli and bbq sauce for the fish.

Satay!!!... Mutton, Chicken and Beef.. No pork ah!

OK that's all the pictures that I managed to take. The sky became too dark for me to take more nice pictures.

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